The Town Board of Commissioners approved and released the FY 2018-2019 Budget Ordinance at the May 29th Board Meeting.

• All departments include under “Salaries and Benefits” their projected career ladder
increases for the upcoming FY and a projected COLA in the amount of 2.5%.

• Benefits for primary employee health are set to remain with FCC at a 4.5% increase.

• Other providers for secondary health benefits have only only minor changes.

• State has included a .25% increase in the required match by municipalities for
retirement benefits.

• Slight increases in both workers compensation insurance and property/liability
insurance reflecting growth in coverage and/or payrolls

• Several facilities improvements are included in this budget: Malcolm Blue ($75,000) for
multiple repairs to the dwellings; Wholesale Grocery Store ($19,000) for foundation
repairs; Talbooth Street ($28,000) for road, drainage and sidewalk repairs; and the
Municipal Building ($24,000) for HVAC and a security system.

• Police Department includes $200,000 for its design services for a new police facility.

• The County is increasing the tip fees (by $6 per ton) for debris disposal- and this budget
incorporates a $1 per customer increase in sanitation fees.

Water/Sewer Fund- includes several major items, such as:

• Sewer line project – SW line off of Hwy 5 to connect to planned school site
($450,000)(this amount ultimately may lower at $377,000 but is budgeted for now at
the higher preliminary estimated amount).

• AMR project for meter reading ($290,000 for 3 years) for 1/3’d of the meters for the
town to be installed.

• Includes County increase for sewer at .12 per 1,000 gals, and this budget has included
into the budget a 3% increase to charges for water/sewer.

• Other capital items include water and sewer line projects and computer service annual


Feature photo courtesy of Town of Aberdeen.

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