Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services weekly “Pick-Five.”

1. Dustie (pictured above) is a 2-3-year-old, female, domestic short-hair cat. She likes to relax and serve as a lap-cat.

2. Duckie is a 7-11 month, female, domestic medium-hair, fluffy tail feline. She is very lovable and likes to explore.



3. Tinsel & Garland are fraternal tuxedo twins. They are between 9-12 weeks of age; one is a male and the other is a female. They also are polydactyls which means they have extra toes.


Tinsel & Garland

4. Fiona is a female plot hound mix. She is around a year old, very sweet, and loves your attention and affection.



5.Fergus is a male Border Collie mix who is about a year old. He likes to play and gets along with everyone he meets.



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