1. Beans (ID 66933 pictured above as feature photo) is a textbook example of a goofball. He’s about 1-2 years old and still lumbers around like a clumsy puppy. He likes chasing tennis balls and running everywhere. He would love an active family to play and hike with.

2. Lucy (ID 66775) is a blue-eyed angel. She is shy at the start but warms up quickly to anyone. She loves attention and following the staff around the yard.


3. Ollie (ID 67383) is a sweet, playful, tiny boy who would love a new home.


4. Paw (ID 67474) is a funky looking mixed breed with beautiful eyes. He likes to cuddle and hang out.


5. Alistaire Woofington (ID 67475) is cute as can be. This little guy weighs a whopping 16lbs and loves everyone he meets.

Alistaire Woofington

For additional information or to view all our Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Service’s guests, please visit them on the web at: https://www.moorecountync.gov/sheriff/animal-services

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