Moore County is mourning the loss of a beloved teacher who passed away in an accident Tuesday afternoon. 

Mrs. Suzanne Starr Murray, 56, was riding her motorcycle when it collided with a dump truck on N.C. Highway 24/27 and Plank Road between Carthage and Robbins. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mrs. Murray was a music teacher at Robbins Elementary School and Elise Middle School.

Elise Middle School announced on social media, “Rest in Peace, Mrs. “Starr” Murray. Thank you for opening our eyes and minds to the world of music.”

Elise Middle School Principal, Jeni Wiley, said in an email, “Mrs. Murray loved what she did and loved her students. She had a whatever it takes attitude when it came to planning instruction for them. Our children learned just as much about the historical background, traditions, and culture of the music as they did the fundamentals.”

Kim Bullard, Robbins Elementary School Principal, also said in an email to Sandhills Sentinel, “Mrs. Starr-Murray worked hard to instill her passion for music into the lives of the students that surrounded her on a daily basis.  Our students and staff as well as our community have suffered a great loss and she will truly be missed.​”

Feature photo courtesy of Elise Middle School.



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