The Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services recently saved a wandering stray dog in Robbins.

The Shelter named the stray dog Chewbacca because of his long brown fur. Veterinarian Tech, Marissa Alford, gave him a bath, haircut, and a clean bill of health.

However, Chewbacca still needs a haircut from a professional groomer to get him ready for adoption.  


Although Chewbacca looks better, he still needs help from a professional groomer (contributed photos)

If you would like to visit Animal Services and volunteer your services making this little Sasquatch a handsome well-groomed, clean-cut pooch ready for adoption, please contact Marissa at (910) 947-2858.

The shelter will be open for normal hours today, tomorrow, closed Monday for New Years, and back Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Chewbacca is lovable and affectionate for those of you interested in adopting him once he is professionally groomed.




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