48 hours to find a foster.

URGENT: Jackie needs help. Jackie was pulled after six weeks at the Moore County Shelter. She is being boarded at the wonderful Seven Lakes Kennels, but she is very unhappy. She needs a foster or adoption home immediately, but it has to be a very special type of home.

Jackie is people-friendly but cannot currently live with small dogs, cats, and we do not know how she does with small children, although she is people friendly . We do not know if she is naturally dog aggressive, or if it is because of her long stay in a kennel. The only way to find out is to get her out of the kennel for about 8 weeks to let her decompress. She needs a very dog-savvy home with no other dogs, cats, or children. We do not know if she has a problem with children, but we cannot take a chance until we get to know her better.

We are asking for a foster to commit to keeping her for at least two months to give her a fair chance to show us her basic personality. Patsy Martin will work with Jackie and her foster weekly to give her the best chance for success. We understand that this is a lot to ask, but Jackie cannot stay in the kennel any longer.

For more information or to foster or adopt Jackie, please call Unchaining Moore Dogs at 910-639-3186.

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