The Moore County Kennel Club recently made a donation to the Southern Pines Police Department’s K-9 program.  Jeffrie Case and Peter Green presented the donation to Chief Temme, K-9 Supervisor Sergeant Jason Embler, K-9 Officer Kevin Dean, and K-9 Ivy.


Sergeant Embler & K-9 Ivy

Chief Temme wrote on social media, “The Moore County Kennel Club has been a longtime supporter of the Southern Pines Police Department K-9 program, and we are grateful for all that they do for us. From the entire Southern Pines Police Department – Thank You!”  The K-9 unit has three dogs currently serving the community; Ivy, Jacky, and Mary.

Officer Dean & K-9 Mary

Recently,  K-9 Ivy was recognized as her partner, Sergeant Embler, was awarded the James W. Wise Police Officer of the Year Award. K-9 Ivy is a Belgian Malinois.   Last fall, K-9 Ivy along with her K-9 colleagues, Jacky and Mary, hosted a meet and greet at the downtown Southern Pines Park.  The K-9s’ participated in a narcotics and obedience demonstration during the meet and greet event.

Officer Glover & K-9 Jacky

When K-9 Mary isn’t busy at the meet and greets, she is receiving awards.  Mary and her partner, Officer Dean, recently won the Employee of the Quarter Award for the first quarter of 2017.  The award recognizes police department employees who have provided exemplary service to the community or performed in a manner worthy of recognition.

K-9 Elvis

K-9 Jacky was sworn into duty this past summer by Mayor David McNeill at a Town Council meeting.  Jacky is a Labrador Retriever.  Jacky replaced K-9 Elvis who retired from duty.  Elvis began his tour of duty in December 2012 and ended his tour of duty on May 1, 2017 due to medical reasons.  Elvis is a Belgian Malinois.  Elvis was adopted by his handler, Officer Glover, when he retired.

Officer Lynn & K-9 Olaf (all photos contributed by Southern Pines Police Department

K-9 Olaf retired recently after K-9 Elvis.  Olaf began his tour of duty February 2012 and ended his tour of duty in August 2017 due to medical reasons as well.  The Belgian Malinois was adopted by his handler, Officer Lynn, so he can enjoy his well-earned retirement.

With help from donations like the one from Moore County Kennel Club, K-9’s Ivy, Jacky, Mary, Elvis, Olaf, and others can continue to serve our community.




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