Meet Kathy who is a shy, sweet, gentle soul and sister of Buck. Kathy and Buck were surrendered by their owner who moved to Alaska. Kathy just finished her months-long treatment for heartworm and is back to good health.

Four-year-old Kathy and her brother Buck love  each other, and if someone has the means and space in their home and hearts to adopt them both, that would be wonderful. The Moore Humane Society just wants to find them both loving homes because they have been waiting long enough.


Kathy’s new person will need patience to earn her trust after the changes and new environment she has had to adapt to. Their former owner said they were Siberian Husky and Irish Setter mix. Stop by to visit Kathy today. The shelter is open 12-6 p.m. 5355 NC Hwy 22 Carthage. 


Feature photo: Kathy.

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