A new mobile veterinarian is now providing services to Moore County.

Peak Performance Mobile Veterinary Services PLLC relocated to the Sandhills in December 2018. Dr. Kristyn Commerford provides home visits for dogs and cats for exams, vaccines, acupuncture, chiropractic, in home euthanasia and minor sick care. She also provides farm calls for horses and offers exams, vaccinations, equine dentistry, equine chiropractic, equine acupuncture and gentle equine euthanasia.

Dr. Commerford graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. Following graduation, she worked in general practice for a year prior to moving to Baton Rouge, LA for a one year equine medicine and surgery internship at Louisiana State University. Following the internship, she re-entered general practice. In 2015, she completed training to become certified in both veterinary acupuncture and veterinary chiropractic.

Also in 2015, Dr. Commerford created Peak Performance Mobile Veterinary Services when she saw a need for in home veterinary care. Many animals become stressed when transported to a veterinary clinic and conversely when a veterinarian is able to evaluate them in their home environment most pets are much more relaxed. House visits are also often sought by folks with mobility concerns and mothers with small children since it is convenient.

While working for veterinary emergency and specialty hospitals, Dr. Commerford has helped many pet owners say goodbye to their cherished family members. Despite trying to make the process as comfortable as possible for the pet and their owner, she could not shake the feeling that being forced to take a pet to the veterinary hospital, a place most pets do not enjoy, for their goodbye added to the emotional stress experienced.

For this reason, Dr. Commerford started offering in home euthanasia so pet owners were able to say goodbye in a peaceful and private setting. Dr. Commerford also believes that horses should be afforded dignity and respect during the euthanasia process, and for that reason, she performs euthanasia a little differently than many veterinarians so that the horse can be gently guided to the ground.

While euthanasia is a sad part of her mobile veterinary practice, Dr. Commerford is honored to be able to assist pets and their owners to make end of life care as gentle as possible and feels it is very important to offer services to allow pets to pass peacefully.

In addition to convenient home visits and farm calls, Peak Performance Mobile Veterinary Services also offers low cost mobile veterinary clinics to help make veterinary care affordable to residents in the greater Sandhill’s region.

Dr. Commerford shares her home with her husband, German Shepherds and horses. In her spare time, you can find her trail riding her Quarter Horse or training her Thoroughbred in preparation of his debut at hunter/jumper shows this spring.

To contact Dr. Commerford, you can email or call 910-225-4838. For information about services offered, visit or

Courtesy photograph of Dr. Commerford and her pets.

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