The Moore County Transportation Committee, the N.C. Department of Transportation and the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization (TARPO) are co-sponsoring eight (8) informal drop-in public meetings to answer questions and solicit comments from citizens on the draft Moore County Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan is a long-range vision for the transportation system across Moore County and its municipalities. It includes proposed projects to cover transportation needs and meet growing traffic challenges through 2040. It covers all modes of travel, including bicycle lanes, greenways and a proposed bus route system.

County and state officials are in the final stages of completing the draft and are seeking public input. The Moore County Board of Commissioners and the municipal elected boards in the county will consider voting to approve this plan by this summer. NCDOT will also adopt the plan, and TARPO will be asked to endorse it. Once approved, projects in the plan can be scored and ranked in NCDOT’s normal process for determining which projects get built across the state.

The data-driven plan is based on the best information available, including projected traffic volume growth and population and where development is expected. This plan, if fully adopted, will replace previous transportation plans, which date to 1990 and 1996. At the request of Moore County and municipal leaders, NCDOT is assisting in the development of the plan.

The list of committed local projects, with funding already allocated for right of way or construction work in 2022 or earlier, includes:

~U.S. 15-501 at Maple Avenue in Aberdeen. Construction of a mid-block crosswalk, pedestrian signal and refuge island in the median. Construction anticipated in 2018.

~Sidewalk construction on Knoll Road, from Arboretum Drive to Paddock Lane. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Sidewalk construction on Johnson Street, from U.S. 15-501 to Mike Place, in Aberdeen. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Widen N.C. 211 from N.C. 73 in West End to Holly Grove School Road. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Upgrades to N.C. 690 from Vass to Cumberland County line, to include turn lanes and some realignment. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Widen N.C. 24/27 from the Courthouse west to N.C. 22 to U.S. 15-501 in Carthage, adding bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Synchronized street project on U.S. 15-501, from U.S. 1 to Brucewood Road. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Synchronized street project on U.S. 1, from Old Route 1 to Roseland Road. Construction anticipated in 2020.

~Widen N.C. 211 from U.S. 15-501 in Aberdeen to Raeford. Construction anticipated in 2022.

~Moore County Airport construction of hangar taxiways and an internal airfield service road. Construction anticipated in 2022.

~Upgrades to N.C. 5 from Pinehurst village limits south to U.S. 1, in Aberdeen, to include turn lanes and adding paved shoulders. Construction anticipated in 2022.

The list of uncommitted projects that are listed in the current STIP, but without funding allocated, includes:

~Upgrades to U.S. 15-501 from Voit Gilmore Lane to Page Road, including improvements to the Pinehurst Traffic Circle. Construction anticipated in 2026.

The drop-in meetings schedule is as follows:

~April 9                  2:00 pm – 4:00 pm          

Carthage Agricultural Center – 707 Pinehurst Ave, Carthage

~April 11                 10:00 am – 12:00 pm      

Vass Town Hall – 140 S Alma St, Vass

~April 11                 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Cameron Fire Department – 170 Red Hill Rd, Cameron

~April 12                 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Southern Pines Douglas Center – 1185 W Pennsylvania Ave, Southern Pines

~April 17                 3:00 pm  – 5:00 pm

Aberdeen Lake Park – 400 Lakeshore Drive, Aberdeen

~April 17                 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Pinehurst Village Hall – 395 Magnolia Rd, Pinehurst

~April 19                 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Robbins North Moore High School – 504 N Moore Rd, Robbins

~April 23                 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Aberdeen Elementary School – 503 N Sandhills Blvd, Aberdeen

Interested individuals may stop by at their convenience as there will be no formal presentation. Identical information will be presented at each meeting. Representatives will be available to provide information, answer questions and receive comments.  Written comments or questions can also be submitted at any of the meetings or later by May 7, 2018.

Study information is also available online at

For additional information, contact Scott Walston, 1554 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699, Phone: (919) 707-0941 or by email

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