Oskar (affectionately known also as “Goose” because he’s a goofbanana) is a 6 year young dachshund who loves to snuggle. He was surrendered to Carolina Loving Hound Rescue by his previous owners when he slipped a disc in his back and financial support was needed for surgery.

He gets around very well now, albeit in a goofy looking way. He will need a dachshund-savvy owner. He bonds quickly with other dogs, particularly those his own size; he is occasionally spooked by larger dogs, but he bonds to them as well with time. He is excited by cats but has not shown any aggression toward them.

Oskar would do best in a home with no small children (families with older, respectful kids and teens will be considered). He loves to play with toys and the water hose, and he will snuggle with you all day long if you allow it!!!

He is currently living at his foster dad’s house in Durham, NC, if you or someone you know is ready to welcome this little lovebug into your home, please contact

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