Moore county is losing one of its drug stores as Rite Aid is closing its doors for the last time next week.  The Rite Aid store, located in Southern Pines, on U.S. 1 and Pinehurst Avenue, is closing for good Thursday evening.  

Walgreens is purchasing 1,932 Rite Aid stores with 600 of those stores closing due to their close proximity to Walgreens.  With a local Walgreens just south of Rite Aid, the store is having a liquidation sale before closing.

Shoppers can currently find 70 percent off of the remaining merchandise.


Shoppers have until  July 12 to  buy the remaining merchandise

The three other local Rite Aid stores, located at Pinecroft Plaza in Taylortown, Pinecrest Plaza, and on S. Bennett Street in Southern Pines, will remain open, and it’s unclear when the Walgreens will officially take over these locations.  However, the pharmacies are currently being managed by Walgreens.

The Rite Aid staff will be transferring to area Walgreens stores.



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