In the early 1900’s, photographers were able to photograph and make notations on post cards in the field. Some cameras were especially equipped so that notations could be written on the film while film was still in the camera. These cards called RPPC’s are lovingly collected and prized by a few collectors.

The cards in this exhibit are selected from our collection of cards given by these faithful collectors. Some of the cards are in very good condition-some bear postage, notes about the weather, the accommodations, or where the writer played the piano last night.

Some were never mailed at all and were lovingly kept in albums. They were rescued from yard sales, antique shops, grandmas’ attics and from being stuck to the bottoms of bureau drawers. Enjoy how we used to look through the eyes of these pioneers in photography.

Shaw House
110 West Morganton Road, Southern Pines

1 – 4 p.m.


Photo via Moore County Historical Association.


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