Barbara Shepherd, of Animal Advocates of Moore County, rescued a kitten in a nearby weeded area Saturday morning and immediately took him to Longleaf Animal Hospital in Southern Pines for treatment.

“Sydney’s eyelids are swollen severely from an eye infection called conjunctivitis and from a bad upper respiratory infection,” said Shepherd on social media.

After treatment, it has been determined that Sydney will have to have surgery.

“Sydney’s little eyes have been ruptured, so they will have to be removed when he is strong and well enough for surgery,” said Shepherd.

Shepherd estimates the kitten to be around 8 – 9 weeks old.

If anyone would like to donate to Sydney’s treatment and surgery costs, can do so by contacting Longleaf Animal Hospital at 692-4201 or by clicking on Animal Advocates of Moore County’s link:

Courtesy photo above from Barbara Shepherd of Sydney before being treated.

Courtesy photo of Sydney after being treated by the staff at Longleaf Animal Hospital. 










The conjunctiva is very swollen. We need to treat infection and reduce swelling then reevaluate. Sometimes the globe has ruptured behind or conjunctiva has grown together. Sometimes we the eye are normal after treating

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