Hi, I’m Tilly. I had a ‘ruff’ time at first and spent the first couple years of my life in a filthy outdoor pen with many other German Shepherds. I was rescued from a large suspected puppy mill in Georgia a few weeks ago, and these nice people brought me to the Moore Humane Society and bathed me, gave me my own soft bed and food, and something called toys and treats.

I have learned to trust the people who take care of me and let them leash me to take me to the yard. I am shy around strangers, but I am curious and like to people-watch. I come closer to and closer to my two-legged yard playmates as I feel more comfortable.

If you can be patient with me and give me some training, I know I will blossom into a great companion for you. I’m around 2-3 years old and 43 pounds. I am ready to start my new life as a pampered family pet!

For more information, please call 910-947-2631.

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