Transportation Projects – US Hwy 1 and US Hwy 15-501

Moore County is a special place that we call home. One in which we are raising families, running businesses, supporting local business and enjoying the many wonders our community has to offer from its natural beauty to the numerous concerts and festivals.

The municipalities within our community constantly evaluate their operations and the impact there of. These evaluations are essential to keeping the communities of Moore County a pristine place to live and play, as well as gives foresight to the years ahead with more relocating and retiring here. This includes making sure our water and sewer systems are up to date and can support our community, to ensuring our traffic patterns are effective for getting people to and from home and work. Traffic patterns are critical for businesses who rely on products and services to operate daily.

In 2020-2021 Moore County will experience a significant change on two major corridors – US Hwy 1 and US Hwy 15-501. As a member of the Moore County Chamber of Commerce we feel our role is to ensure that you are educated on these impending changes so that you can plan for the future of your business. Any change can be uncomfortable, however change is inevitable so we encourage you to review the following steps. These changes will impact those who reside directly on these highways, as well as any feeder streets that flow into these roads.

1. What is a Superstreet vs. a Conventional Intersection?
Superstreet FAQs Brochure:
Video about Conventional Intersections:
Video about Superstreets:

2. What do these changes look like and how it will directly impact my business?
Maps are available to review at the following locations

Moore County Chamber of Commerce
Town of Aberdeen
Town of Southern Pines
3. Can I relay my opinion of these changes? (positive, negative or neutral)

You can share your feedback to the elected officials

You can fill out a Public Input form: located at Town of Aberdeen Town Hall with maps.
4. How can I prepare?

Attend any public meetings related to these two projects (The Moore County Chamber of Commerce will relay dates);

As the project approaches, educate your employees, clients and vendors on any traffic pattern changes; and
Advise your landlord of the changes.

The Moore County Chamber of Commerce encourages everyone to become familiar with this project. These projects will approach quickly and we want to be sure that you are kept up to date on this project and ensure our business community continues to flourish.


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