Rick Rhyne Memorial Fishing Tournament

Another Rick Rhyne Memorial Fishing Tournament is in the books. More than 100 children took part in this year’s tournament, and they came from all over. Guess you could say they were “hooked” on fishing.

As always, year after year, Moore County Sheriff’s Office, Pinehurst and Foxfire Police Departments, Foxfire Village, Wildlife Officers, the Boys and Girls Club, and others joined in to honor fallen Deputy Sheriff Rick Rhyne.

Rhyne was shot and killed while attempting to take a warrant suspect into custody on December 8, 2011.

There were kids everywhere, fishing poles in hand. For those that did not have a pole, one was provided. All the fishing poles are donated each year, and the children were allowed to take them home and encouraged to continue fishing.

Prizes were handed out throughout the morning, and no child left empty-handed.

Wanda Rhyne and her family continue the legacy that her husband began. The children that come out each year continue to be blessed by their generosity.

There were plenty of smiles, laughter, and fish to go around.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Publisher B.J. Goodridge.

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