PUPDATE: Cali is home safe. Happy Tails.

A local family is desperately searching for their lost dog and is offering a $200 reward to anyone who finds Cali.

She is a Belgian Malinois with a bright orange collar that has contact information written on it.

Cali is a rescue dog that is timid and scared, but she is very sweet. She will come to you if you calmly call her, squat down to offer treats or a ball, or to go for a ride.

She has recently been spotted in multiple locations to include Vass-Carthage and Niagra-Carthage intersection, on Niagra-Carthage by the train tracks, near Valley View, N. May and the horse farms. She was also potentially seen off U.S. 1 between Morganton and Pennsylvania in Southern Pines.

If you see her or catch her, please call or text 817-832-4483. Her family is worried sick.

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