Celebrate the holidays with the Sunrise Holiday Movie Series

The holidays are here and, of course, that means it’s time for the Sunrise Theater Holiday Movie Series. Beginning Nov. 17 and continuing through Dec. 22, Sunrise will screen classic film favorites on Thursdays during the holiday season. Tickets are $10.

Starting the series on Nov. 17 is a romantic comedy to get everyone’s spirits high for the holidays with You’ve Got Mail. This 1998 film follows an independent bookstore owner, Kathleen (Meg Ryan), and her struggles with a large chain store owned by Joe Fox (Tom Hanks.) While being rivals, the two don’t realize they’re already virtual pen pals on an AOL chat room. Sponsored by Knicker’s Lingerie.

Did you know? — Meg Ryan got her first computer during the filming of the movie, and Tom Hanks collects typewriters just like his on-screen persona.

On Thanksgiving Day, the Sunrise continues its tradition of having a free screening of The Last Waltz. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the concert film chronicles the last performance of the Band on Thanksgiving Day in 1976. It features a myriad celebrity musical performances including Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, and many, many more. Sponsored by Howell’s Masonry.

Did you know? — Every camera but one ran out of film during Muddy Waters’ performance of “Mannish Boy.” It resulted in the longest shot of the film, while Martin Scorsese scrambled to get the film cans reloaded.

Dec. 1’s classic is Elf, the 2003 comedy. The story centers around Buddy the elf, played by Will Ferrell. Buddy is a human who was raised by elf parents in the North Pole. Upon realizing he is not an elf, he heads to NYC to find his biological father as played by James Caan. Sponsored by Against the Grain Shoppe.

Did you Know? — Will Ferrell turned down a 29 million dollar contract to reprise the role in 2014.  

Dec. 8 features Christmas Vacation. This 1989 perennial favorite features Chevy Chase reprising his role as Clark Griswold. He and the rest of the Griswold clan prepare for large family Christmas get together. In typical National Lampoon’s style, it ends in chaos. Sponsored by Knicker’s Lingerie

Did you know? — It was rumored that Clark’s rant about his boss Mr. Shirley was ad-libbed. This is somewhat true. However, what the audience doesn’t see is that each cast member of the film facing Chevy had a sign hanging around their necks that had one word written on them. These were some of the adjectives Clark used to describe his boss.

In another Sunrise Theater tradition, they will be screening their annual free showing of The Polar Express on Tuesday, December 21. The animated film features Tom Hanks as several characters including the conductor. At the Sunrise, sponsor Mike Murphy, will be dressed as the conductor and punching golden tickets for patrons as they arrive for the show. The 2004 film shows the journey of a boy who takes a magical train ride to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Sponsored by The Murphy Agency Insurance.

Did you know? — In the North Pole City communications room, an elf is describing a bad little boy in New Jersey named Steven who is terrorizing his two little sisters. This line is a nod to Robert Zemekis’ friend and mentor, Steven Spielberg. Spielberg grew up in New Jersey and has admitted many times that he frequently terrorized his two younger sisters.

Most showings of the Sunrise Holiday Movie Series are Thursdays at 7 p.m. — except for The Polar Express on Thursday, Dec. 22 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door or in advance at the Sunrise Theater box office, online at www.SunriseTheater.com or by calling 910-692-3611.

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