When you think of Donny Most, you instantly think of his Happy Days character Ralph Malph. You’re not alone. Happy Days is a show that has left a lasting impression on so many of us, and it still brings a smile. Nowadays, Most has found a new way to bring smiles to our faces, as a singer. And what a singer he is.

He’s coming to Southern Pines Sunday, July 14 and will be jazzing up the Sunrise Theater stage as Donny Most and the Mostly Swing Orchestra. Those of you who are fans of Judson Theatre may have seen him, along with Robert Wuhl, in The Sunshine Boys. He was amazing on the stage and made it look easy. Now he returns with a whole new facet of entertainment for the Sandhills.

Most grew up hearing jazz and big band playing constantly in his home. Early on, he was exposed to Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sarah Vaughn, and others, and it stayed with him.

“I saw the Jolson Story when I was young, and there was just something about it, and that music of course,” said Most during a phone interview with Sandhills Sentinel.  “I then started listening to a radio show at night, and the deejay, William B. Williams, played all the old standards, jazz standards, and the legendary singers, and so I got started at a young age.”

Video courtesy of Act II Stages.

A surprise for Happy Days fans is that Most was into singing even before he became an actor. He was actually performing in a troupe in the Catskills when he was 14 until 16. He then began getting into acting, and at age 20, Happy Days came along.

About five years ago he decided to pursue his dream to sing all the standards he loves. “Up until people like Harry Connick, Jr and others came along, it was really just thought of as your parent’s music. I just thought that if I was going to do it, now is the time.”

In 2017, Most released an album of his favorites called “D Most: Mostly Swing”. If you haven’t heard it, stop and take a listen. It is absolutely fabulous, and you will be impressed by the voice that Donny Most has kept hidden from us for far too long. Try the song “Clementine” about the miner from North Carolina or listen to the soothing blues sound of “One for My Baby.” You will feel like you are right there when he sings it.

Joining Most onstage at the Sunrise Theater will be another face from Happy Days and Hee Haw. Misty Rowe, who played Wendy the car hop for the first two seasons of Happy Days and Hee Haw for 19 seasons, will be doing a duet with Most as his special guest.

If you can’t make, check out his album online, D Most: Mostly Swing. You wont be disappointed. And yes, as Ralph Malph would say, he’s still got it.

Grab a date and take a walk down memory lane, although there is something to be said for having Donny all to yourself if you want come alone.

Tickets are $30 VIP and $25 reserved. You can call (910) 692-8501 for tickets or go to www.sunrisetheater.com. Show starts at 2:30 p.m.

  Sandhills_Sentinel ~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Publisher B.J. Goodridge.




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