Bullet is a 2-year-old pit bull. He is potty trained and does excellent in the kennel. He should be kenneled while you are not home until you are comfortable with his habits.

Bullet should get daily walks or jogs or should go to a home with a fenced-in yard. It would be criminal for him not to go to a home with another dog. He loves other dogs, big, small, young, old, male, or female. He just really enjoys other dogs whether it’s to play or snuggle.

He absolutely adores his humans and is an expert snuggler. He is very gentle and kind, but be cautious with little ones just because of his size. Bullet doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He very literally loves everyone and everything he comes in contact with. He is not an apartment dog. He doesn’t bark often, but when he does it is a loud bark. He is very well behaved and has excellent manners.

He enjoys chewing on antlers and other authorized chew items. He loves to run and play, and he would enjoy a dog park. He is stunningly handsome, a beautiful dog. He rides well in the car, for he just sits in his kennel and chills. He is well behaved and polite to other dogs at chow time, and he listens well and learns quickly. He is a smart dog. He is such a friendly, happy dog, a big goober that will make you smile all the time.  Please ensure your housing allows bully breeds before adopting.

T.A.R.A.’s adoption fee is $150 for dogs and $100 for cats. Each pet is spayed or neutered, up to date on all shots (if too young to receive the rabies shot, they will cover the rabies shot when the pet is 16 weeks old), microchipped and comes with an optional 30 days of free pet insurance offered through their microchip company.

For more adoption information, please call 910-875-5791.

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