MCLI welcomes fall class, upcoming winter enrollment opportunities

The Moore County Leadership Institute (MCLI) visited Carthage, the Moore County seat for its March session.  The day began at the Rick Rhyne Public Safety Center with Scot Brooks, CEM, CCEMTP Deputy Director – Emergency Management.

Mr. Brooks briefed the MCLI Class on the daily operations of the public safety center and the responsibilities of each department therein.  Mr. Brooks discussed the use of technology through various applications and websites that are used to stay up to date on emergency notifications and planning. 

The MCLI Class continued their visit with Jason Steele, Communications Manager for 911 and ended with a tour of the ALS ambulances provided to the paramedic crew. 

Following the focus on Emergency Management, the MCLI Class continued with an interactive discussion on the topic of leadership with Commissioner Chairman Frank Quis and County Manager Wayne Vest. 

Chairman Quis expressed the need for honesty in leadership, stating “sometimes leadership means having people angry with you. Making a tough call and being honest is what leadership is all about.”

The MCLI Class asked for clarification on the upcoming tax evaluations, the much-discussed Woodlake issues and expressed their excitement for the changes Moore County Schools is making with the support of the Moore County Commissioners.

The day concluded with a stop at the Moore County Schools Administration offices with Dr. Robert Grimesey, who updated the group on the progress of the schools and answered questions regarding the upcoming redistricting project. 

Much appreciation also goes to members of the Mural Committee for Carthage Alice Ann Hyman, Roland Gilliam and Joan Robinson who shared the history of the 3 murals located in Carthage. 

The last stop was at the Carthage Museum speaking with Bert Patrick who has been on the Carthage Historical Committee since 1997.  Lunch was sponsored by Pik-N-Pig, Board Director John Ashley Shepard. 

MCLI graduates are recognized across the county as leaders in their industries and organizations.  They have the knowledge, skills, and dedication necessary to achieve professional and organizational success in the dynamic association and chamber industries.  

To know more about MCLI and the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally please contact Jana Volitis, Director of Operations, Moore County Chamber of Commerce.



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