Town of Aberdeen

Mayor: Robbie Farrell

Commissioners: Wilma Laney & Joe Dannelley

Town of Cameron

Mayor:  Cristina Moore

Commissioners:  Sarah Hillmer, Annie Oakley, David Seiberling, and Barry Wallace.

Town of Carthage

Commissioners:  Milton Dowdy, Jimmy Chalflinch, and Christopher Nance.

Foxfire Village

Council Members:  Leslie Frusco, Edward McCue, and Ed Howze.

 Town of Pinebluff

Mayor:  Rachel Carpenter Byrd

Commissioner: Dianne Brown Wilder, Gene Crabtree, Joyce Bennett, George (Skip) Ruedeman, Cecilia McLamb.

Village of Pinehurst

Council Members:  Judy Davis and Kevin Drum

Town of Robbins

Commissioners:  Nikki Bradshaw, Terri Holt, and Joey Boswell.

Town of Southern Pines

Council Members:  Carol Haney and Mitch Lancaster.

Town of Taylortown

Council Members:  Marvin Taylor, Eddie Frank Lloyd, Mitchell Ratliff, Ulysses Barrett, Jr., James Lattimore Thompson.

 Town of Vass

Mayor: Eddie Callahan

Commissioners: Rora Kellis and Kris Kosem.

Village of Whispering Pines

Council Members:  Michelle Lexo, Denise Racey, Bob Zschoche, and Constance Reed.


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