The League of Woman Voters made a presentation Tuesday before the Pinehurst Council concerning the Equal Rights Amendment. The amendment was first proposed in 1923 at the first Woman’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Currently, 37 of the 38 states required have ratified the amendment and efforts are ongoing in several states including North Carolina to complete the ratification process.

After the presentation, Council Member Judy Davis made a motion for the council to endorse the amendment which was denied. In the discussion following, several council members voiced support for the amendment but felt that the council was not the appropriate venue and encouraged individuals to make their voices heard.

In other business, the council heard from Lt. Col. Chris Castro of the N.C. National Guard regarding Moore County’s Local Selective Service Recruitment Board and the need to recruit civilian members to the board. There currently is no imminent plans for a draft, but each county in North Carolina has a committee to implement a selective service draft due to a grave threat to national security. Under current law, all men age 18-25 are required to register with the selective service.

Habitat for Humanity presented a request for the council to waive permit and inspection fees associated with their repair program. Habitat is mostly known for their home ownership program which allows low-income families to purchase homes by a combination of sweat equity and low-cost mortgages, but they also have a very active home repair program for needy families. The council passed the resolution unanimously.

The Given Memorial Library gave the council an update from the Library Working Group. Given Library is one of the few primarily privately funded libraries in North Carolina.

A survey of residents indicated that one in two used the library but of those who do not a large percentage doesn’t know it exists. The study also recognized the library does not provide support, space, and services comparable to similar communities. In the 1960s, the library had approximately 17,000 books which worked out to a ratio of 10 books per resident.

Due to size constraints, the lending library has not grown with the population of Pinehurst. This has resulted in a 1:1 ratio currently. The council agreed to fund a formal needs assessment to determine adequate space, staffing, technology and furnishings for Givens Library.

After extensive discussion concerning the comprehensive long range for the village, the council decided that more public input may be necessary, but they are forestalling on additional public comment session pending upon the receival of the draft plan from a consultant. It is scheduled to be discussed at the next regular council meeting which is February 26 at 4:30 p.m.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Government Reporter Chris Prentice.

Courtesy photograph of Marcey Katzman, with the League of Women Voters, giving an ERA presentation to the Village Council. 



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