The March 21 Lunch n’ Learn program at the Sandhills Woman’s Exchange was presented by Jill Wicker Gooding and Lisa Hammond.

Both women’s lives are tied directly to the past through the builder of Pinehurst, Rassie E. Wicker.

Telling stories of her great grandfather, Jill explained his arrival in 1902 to become the full time carpenter for Mr. Tufts.

Rassie Wicker, Jill’s Grandfather was a 10-year-old boy who held many jobs in Pinehurst during his lifetime, including building many of the smaller historical homes in Pinehurst but, most importantly, being a surveyor and historian in the area.

Courtesy photo of Rassie E. Wicker.

Jill stated, “He was a historian, astronomer, writer, civil engineer, woodworker, botanist and in fact, I believe he knew something about everything!” 

Lisa and her husband now own Rassie’s 1923 Historic home on Dundee Road.

 “Little did we know at the time what a gem we had purchased,” Lisa remarked. 

A full house enjoyed the stories, and lunch and dessert was made by the cabin’s Chef Katrina.

Courtesy photo: Jill Wicker Gooding (Left) and Lisa Hammond.



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