This weekend, scurry on down to Bradshaw Performing Arts Center and grab your tickets for The Mousetrap, the critically acclaimed Agatha Christie play that’s kept audiences guessing for 70 years now.

The play follows a cast of eight unique characters (some more unique than others, for better or for worse) who are snowed into the newly opened Monkswell Manor, a guesthouse opening its doors to travelers for the first time. Naturally, chaos ensues, and even the characters themselves don’t know who can be trusted within the walls of the manor.

Scurry down to BPAC for world renowned play 'The Mousetrap'

Megan Hoxie as Mollie Ralston, Danielle Standifer as Miss Caswell, Todd Baker as Major Metcalf, Nicholas Talbot as Detective Sergeant Trotter.

All eight cast members were masters of suspense, keeping the audience on their toes and pointing fingers in true, classic “whodunit” fashion during the opening performance Thursday evening. The audience remained captivated the entire duration of the show, laughing, cheering, gasping, and “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” the whole time.

Scurry down to BPAC for renowned play 'The Mousetrap'

Alison Arngrim as Mrs. Boyle.

The cast even features a special guest star. Viewers may recognize Alison Arngrim (starring as Mrs. Boyle) from any of her many previous roles, including bratty little sister Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie.

In spite of the show’s namesake, Alison and the rest of the colorful cast were anything but mousey and portrayed their characters perfectly, taking the audience along for one wild, emotional ride.

Scurry down to SCC for world renowned play 'The Mousetrap'

Calvin Noble as Christopher Wren.

Just when you think you have The Mousetrap all figured out, you’re hit with another curveball. Seeing this play is more than just sitting in the audience—it’s an experience that keeps you engaged and guessing, raising your eyebrows and taking what feels like infinite mental notes.

After seeing The Mousetrap first-hand, it’s no wonder that the play’s original production is still running in London and is the longest continuously running live theatre show in the history of the world. Agatha Christie is both the world’s bestselling modern author and the world’s most successful female playwright, and The Mousetrap is certainly a direct reflection of her prowess.

Scurry down to BPAC for world renowned play The Mousetrap

Matt Tyler as Mr. Paravicini and Megan Hoxie as Mollie Ralston.

The first showing of The Mousetrap at BPAC on Thursday night saw a theater packed nearly to capacity. The audience whispered amongst themselves with wild guesses of who did what and why they did it. The vibrant set design created the mood, and the chemistry within the casting did the rest.

In addition, this production was the kickoff for Judson Theatre Company’s 10th season. For 10 seasons, Judson Theatre Company has provided the Sandhills with a massive array of stage plays, musicals, and performances, bringing in actors from Broadway, Hollywood, and around the country to do shows locally.

Scurry down to BPAC world renowned play 'The Mousetrap'

Megan Hoxie as Mollie Ralston and Nicholas Talbot as Detective Sergeant.

Don’t risk missing out on this “killer” performance! Tickets are on sale now. Performance dates for The Mousetrap are as follows: Friday, Nov. 18, at 8 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 19, at 2 p.m. (matinee with talkback following) and 8 p.m.; and Sunday, Nov 20, at 3 p.m. (matinee, closing performance).

To purchase tickets, visit BPAC is located at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst.

~Review written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Abegail Murphy.

Feature photo: Curtain call for the cast of The Mousetrap.

Photos provided by David N. Sinclair Photography.

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