Village seeks input on proposed budget, strategic operating plan

The Village of Pinehurst has released their council meeting agenda for Sept. 11.

Assembly Hall, 395 Magnolia Road, Pinehurst.

4:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order.

2. Reports:

3. Motion to Approve Consent Agenda.
All items listed below are considered routine or have been discussed at length in previous meetings and will be enacted by one motion. No separate discussion will be held unless requested by a member of the Village Council.
A. Consider a resolution honoring Doug Tuxbury for his service with the Community Watch Program
B. Approval of Draft Village Council Meeting Minutes.
August 14 Regular Meeting August 14 Work Session

C. Budget Amendments Report

4. Discuss the application from Vincent Wade for official text amendments to the Pinehurst Development Ordinance (Requirements for Planted Buffers). To further discuss the application from Vincent Wade for Official Text Amendments to the Pinehurst Development Ordinance. Specifically, Section (Requirements for Planted Buffers: Application) to add the OP & NC Zoning Districts so the Village Council will have the ability to waive some or all of the buffer requirements in the OP and NC districts as well as the VC, VMU, VCP and VR districts.

5. Consider a resolution appointing Julia Latham as the Chairperson of the Board of Adjustment.

6. Consider a ordinance to repeal ordinance #93-35

7. Consider a resolution delegating the Police Department to oversee the administration of the Community Watch Program.

8. Consider options and provide staff direction relative to the request by Spring Lake Hills Condominium Homeowner’s to accept their roads.

9. Other Business.

10. Comments from Attendees.

Photo credit/Village of Pinehurst.

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