A message from Unchaining Moore Dogs.

“I have to send this plea……. we have a few dogs in boarding because of a lack of fosters. This is the only option that we had to save their lives. Sometimes , once you get them in a safe place , interest waivers and people move on. But, we cannot. We have to pay the boarding bills, go see them and walk them, or they won’t be socialized. Thankfully, we have had a few dedicated people who have donated what they can and also taken their time to help these dogs. But, as it stands, we owe $583 to the boarding facility and UMD cannot take on any other dogs until that bill is paid. I have paid so much money out of my own pocket, I can no longer do so. If you can help us in any way, please contact us.”

www.unchainingmooredogs.com to donate.  Thank you.

Unchaining Moore Dogs is a non-profit organization whose goal is to unchain dogs, “one at a time”.

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