Aberdeen Lake was drained for repairs back in the spring, and now phase 1 of the Aberdeen Lake dam project is completed.

The Town of Aberdeen said phase one work included “installing a coffer dam and new sluice gate with new piping that will allow the lake to be drained when needed to perform inspections and work on the dam.”

Workers will begin phase 2 on August 3.  The town stated, “Work for this phase includes the area in front of the spillway to be dewatered for the structural engineer to inspect and determine the scope of work that needs to be completed.”


Heavy equipment sits at the work-site next to the drained lake. 

The Aberdeen Lake dam and spillway were damaged in late 2016 during Hurricane Matthew. The sluice gate was damaged by the force of the volume of water from the large amount of rainfall from the hurricane.

The lake was drained in spring to work on the improvements.  The town filled the lake with water for the July 4 holiday and then drained it again to finish the project.

As renovations to the dam are being made, Aberdeen Lake will be an active work-site with the presence of materials and heavy equipment.

The dam is over 70 years old according to the town. The repairs are being funded by FEMA through a disaster grant.


Feature photo courtesy of the Town of Aberdeen.


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