The Southern Pines Police Department’s K-9 team supports the Pet Responsibility of Moore County, and their school program geared at teaching children how to become responsible pet owners, according to Southern Pines Police Department’s face book page. At the end of the program, the children can write an essay for the chance to win a spay or neuter for a pet of their choice.

According to Moore County Citizens’ Pet Resposibility Committee’s (MCPRC) website, “the purpose of the speuter story contest is to give every student the opportunity to become an advocate for their own pet or help another pet in the community. Lesson 2 of the Pet Responsibility Program for fourth graders, “I can help stop pet overpopulation in our county”, includes a game using small plastic animals to help students understand how their pets can multiply if they are not spayed or neutered. Though most students grasp the solution to the problem, many come from households of multiple pets, and some families, due to the hard economic times, are not in a position to alter their pets. Consequently, the students simply learn the importance of spay/neuter but feel powerless to contribute to solving the problem.”

MCPRC goes on to state, “each student may write a story entry for the Speuter Story Contest, describing how their pet would benefit from being spayed or neutered and how this would help solve the larger problem of pet overpopulation. One winner is selected from each classroom and is awarded a certificate to acknowledge their hard work, love and dedication toward their pet, as well as the many homeless animals still awaiting forever homes. With the support of their families and at no cost, one pet owned or sponsored by each award winner is altered at the Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills. With generous funding from the Moore County Kennel Club, the program continues.”

Student, Marquis Wiltshire, took a creative approach to his essay. In the video below, is Sgt. Embler and K-9 Ivy who were the guest speakers at Marquis’ school. 

The rap song in the video was written by Marquis, who was in fourth grade, after he attended the pet responsibility program in his school back in May of 2017. Marquis skillfully incorporated many facets of what he had learned in his rap.

Music and lyric video produced & edited by Kent Murphy for, “Of The Spheres Music” (ACAP), and K.D.A.G Entertainment. 


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