The North Carolina Department of Transportation is urging North Carolinians not to walk or take prom pictures on railroad tracks. Standing, walking, and taking pictures on railroad tracks is dangerous and illegal, said NCDOT.

Last year, 18 people were killed and 13 others injured while trespassing on North Carolina railroad tracks. 

Spring is the season for graduations and prom portraits, and officials are concerned students will be tempted to pose for pictures on tracks.

“You put your life at risk by walking, playing or taking pictures on railroad tracks. It’s not only dangerous, it is illegal,” said Jason Orthner, director of NCDOT’s Rail Division. “We need photographers, school administrators and parents to educate students about the real dangers of taking photos on railroad tracks.” 

New technology has made trains quieter, so don’t assume you’ll hear one coming, said NCDOT in a statement.

NCDOT said their BeRailSafe program is reminding people it’s difficult to judge a train’s speed from a distance, and it’s hard for a train to stop quickly.

“You wouldn’t take photos in the middle of an interstate, so why stand on railroad tracks to get that one shot?” said NCDOT.

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