Tim Moore wasn’t looking for a quick-fix diet when he decided to lose weight.

He wanted a program that would provide support and accountability, and he found both in Weigh2Be, a non-surgical weight-loss program offered by FirstHealth of the Carolinas.

“I felt I needed support from other people, accountability,” Moore says. “Putting me in front of other people to stand on a scale every week would give me that accountability.”

Moore before joining Weigh2Be

Moore completed the 12-week Weigh2Be program in November of last year, but he continues to attend as many of its monthly maintenance sessions as he can work into his busy schedule as an analyst with FirstHealth Information Systems (IS).  At the time of his last weigh-in, he had lost not only pounds, 64.5, but 17.75 inches – 1.75 from his arm, 9.25 from his waist, 5 from his hip and 1.75 from his thigh.

He found the accountability factor he had sought especially helpful during the super-busy period of FirstHealth system “downtime” after a recent attempted malware attack. He admits that he sometimes joined his IS colleagues in noshing on the pizza, pasta, and cookies brought in as quick, convenient meals. Whenever possible, though, he would slip away to the cafeteria for a salad.

“Usually, if you have a big project coming, that’s when you plan your meals,” he says. “You make something and throw it in the freezer. This was unexpected, but I did the best I could.”

Moore after losing 64.5 pounds

Moore also started to work more physical activity into his lifestyle. Not a fan of gyms but a lover of the outdoors, he started walking, becoming aware of the number of daily steps he was taking – even around his work station in the Specialty Centers Building on the Moore Regional Hospital campus, and adding an app to his phone to help him keep track.

“The program helped me realize how much sitting I did,” he says. “I don’t think I realized how sedentary I really was.”

According to Doretta Wright, R.D., a registered dietitian with the Weigh2Be program, Moore came into Weigh2Be with the motivation to do what he needed to do to lose weight and he used all of the tools the program provided to achieve his goal.

“He came in with a really positive attitude,” Wright says. “He really followed the program guidelines by reducing eating out, preparing his own food and making plans for healthy eating and exercise.”

The next Weigh2Be session will start with individual consults on Jan. 11-12, 2018 with classes beginning Jan. 16, 2018.  Registration is currently open.  For more information, please visit FirstHealth’s website at www.firsthealth.org/weigh2be or call (910) 715-6270 or (910) 715-6265.

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