Friends of Aberdeen Library offering engraved walkway bricks

The non-profit Friends of Aberdeen Library continues to work toward its mission to create a community resource facility in Aberdeen. Their goal is to renovate a historic building in Aberdeen to house a community room for meetings and programs, a technology room, and a library.

As part of the 2024 fundraising efforts, a program to sell “engraved legacy bricks” has been initiated. The bricks will be part of the ground entry at the front of the building, with 1,000 bricks total. In addition, there will be approximately 500 bricks to create a walkway from the entry to the parking area.

This is an opportunity for new and long-time residents of the area, alumni of Aberdeen High School and Berkley High School, to leave a bit of their own “engraved legacy” by purchasing a brick.

“It is a meaningful way to honor someone special, pay tribute to a loved one or a special time in one’s life or someone who had significant influence in your life,” said Friends of Aberdeen Library. “It is also a chance to express support for a good cause! Don’t wait, as you might lose this opportunity to leave a piece of ‘legacy’ behind.”

The engraved bricks are $100 each and can be purchased by visiting their website or emailing them at [email protected]

Feature photo: a historic building on Exchange Street is the future site of Aberdeen Library/Courtesy photo.

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