Owners of unleashed dogs to get citations after attack in SP

The Southern Pines Police Department is increasing patrols in and around the town’s parks and trails in order to enforce ordinance 99-12: Leash and Clean Up After Pets. This comes after an unleashed dog, being walked by its owner in the Whitehall tract of Reservoir Park, attacked another resident, causing injury. The victim, who suffered two puncture wounds, has not filed an official police report.

“This has been building for many years,” states Reagan Parsons, town manager for Southern Pines. “We have repeatedly asked dog owners to respect the rules. We have been very accommodating and respectful and yet some people have yelled, sworn at, and continually ignored signage and the courteous efforts by parks staff to educate them regarding the rules.”

Parsons says that after the incident last week, the town has no choice but to undertake active and targeted enforcement of the leash laws. “We can’t let this continue,” he said. “We have a great dog park where people can let their dogs run free; there is no excuse for not having a dog on a leash elsewhere.”

Citations may be given to dog owners who have their animals off-leash. The fine is $50 per incident with up to $300 in associated court fees.

The ordinance states: “It shall be unlawful for any animal’s owner to allow or permit a dog or other animal to run at large in any park or recreation facility except at a designated off-leash facility/dog park.”

For more information, see https://sopinesnc.info/leash.


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