Sean Pollard is someone that has always given back to his community and those in need. The Pinecrest graduate and Patriot star now plays football for the Clemson Tigers after graduating high school in December 2015.

For most college students, going to school full-time and playing a sport would keep them busy enough. But not for Pollard.

Pollard has the biggest heart you have ever seen. This 6-foot-5, 315 pound offensive lineman may be a power to be reckoned with in a game, but he is just as powerful of a force when it comes to helping others.

Clemson athletes shaved their heads Wednesday as part of the second annual All Off for Cancer Campaign to raise funds for children with cancer and their families.

All off for Cancer participants. Sean Pollard seated front row, sixth from right.

All Off for Cancer is in partnership with Clement’s Kindness. Clement’s Kindness has been around for quite some time, but All Off for Cancer is the brainchild of Pollard.

How It All Began

“I was raised in Jackson Springs,” said Pollard. “I grew up in a huge loving family, and I was taught at a young age to put other before myself and to be a servant leader to your community.

“Growing up, I played about every sport you could think of. In high school, I was blessed to receive an offer from Clemson University to further my academic and athletic career. I got to Clemson and wanted to be involved in community service opportunities, but I wanted to have more of a personal relationship with the people I helped. So, Jessie Carroll, set me up with Sandra Miller over at Clement’s Kindness.

“The first time I went on a visit to the hospital, I spent several hours with the kids playing games and coloring. As soon as I left, I knew my life had been changed forever. I got in my truck to do the 50 minute drive back and cried the entire way back to school. I prayed to God to give me a sign on he wanted me to help these kids. So that is how All Off for Cancer was born. I was able to have a personal relationship with the kids and also be a servant leader to my community. I sit back and thank God every day for the vision he gave me to honor him.” 

The Day of the Big Shave

The day of the “big shave” was held at the Clemson indoor football facility. Players of all sports at Clemson showed up to shave their heads for cancer.

Many had seen or heard about last year’s event and now were back to be a part of it. Guess who else was there? The kids.

You see in this case, the barbers were actually the kids fighting cancer. On this day, these kids got a chance to forget about their illness for a bit.

All photographs courtesy of Clemson University.

They got to play, laugh, eat ice cream, see their sports idols in person, and a few also got to shave the heads of these athletes.

Their goal this year is $15,000, and right now they are at $8,000. People can still donate any amount they would like. You can donate for a loved one or friend battling cancer as well.

Moore County should certainly be proud to know that this young man is changing lives everywhere he goes. If you would like to help Pollard and the All off for Cancer team, you can do so by clicking on the link below. As Pollard would say, not for him but for the kids.

To donate, click on the link:

Clemson ‘All Off for Cancer’ event

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