PMC acquires new endoscopy system to facilitate earlier digestive disease detection, treatment

Pinehurst Medical Clinic announced today that it has invested in a new video endoscopy system for advanced gastrointestinal (GI) care. The Olympus EVIS EXERA III video endoscopy system, through the collaborative use of a video processor, light source, endoscope and monitor, enables providers to see magnified video imagery of the GI tract in high definition and to diagnose, detect, and treat GI diseases and disorders endoscopically. Detecting GI diseases, like colorectal cancer, at an earlier stage is important for successful treatment.

Early detection may improve treatment outcomes, reduce overall healthcare costs, and improve the quality of life for patients. To aid in early detection, the American Cancer Society recommends men and women be screened for colorectal cancer and polyps beginning at age 45.[i] Those with personal or family risk factors should be screened even earlier.

In addition to assisting Pinehurst Medical Clinic providers detect and diagnose diseases at an earlier stage, technologies such as Passive Bending (for following contours in the colon), High Force Transmission (for improved scope responsiveness to a providers’ movements), and Variable Stiffness (scope flexibility to meet the unique anatomical needs of the patient), all deliver better control to the provider and may improve patient comfort.

Dr. Thomas Swantkowski, Pinehurst Medical Clinic Endoscopy Center Medical Director and American College of Gastroenterology- North Carolina Governor, stated, “From its inception in 2003, PMC’s Endoscopy Center has been committed to delivering the highest quality endoscopy care. Our highly skilled professionals at Pinehurst Medical Clinic are dedicated to offering an excellent patient experience. We do this by providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and ensuring that we recruit and retain the most highly skilled and compassionate physicians and staff.”

The EVIS EXERA III system boasts improved optics, added brightness and several key technologies such as HDTV for superior image quality; Narrow Band Imaging™ technology for enhanced visualization of mucosal tissue; and dual-focus capabilities that allow providers to switch the depth of field from normal focus to near focus for more enhanced visualization of suspected lesions. These new technologies are designed to help providers give their patients more accurate and earlier diagnoses.

Additionally, the EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is designed around system integration and workflow management to ease setup and reprocessing, manage patient data, and provide seamless IT integration to help optimize the flow of activity in the endoscopy suite.

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Photo: Dr. Thomas Swantkowski, Pinehurst Medical Clinic Endoscopy Center Medical Director and American College of Gastroenterology- North Carolina Governor, and Pinehurst Medical Clinic Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Enfinger inside PMC Endoscopy Suite in Pinehurst.

Courtesy photo/Contributed.

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