Pork Chop, the pot-bellied pig, who was captured by authorites after roaming the Lakeview area back in February, and then adopted by the Aloha Safari Rescue Zoo, recently received a promotion at the zoo.

The Cameron zoo made the big announcement of the pig’s promotion to Moore County Animal Services.  Pork Chop was upgraded from barn star to main attraction on the safari ride. 

Pork Chop had eluded authorities for about a month until law enforcement was able to capture the creature from the Lakeview Community.

Once the wandering pot-bellied pig was finally apprehended, Moore County Sheriff’s Department jokingly said, “Deputies apprehended Pork Chop, age unknown, of Lakeview, North Carolina. Pork Chop was charged with 10 counts of Flee to Elude Arrest, numerous counts of Trespassing, Loitering, and Nuisance. Pork Chop was placed in the Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter under a 72-hour hold and given a February 3, 2018 adoption date.”

Pork Chop’s mug shot when he was apprehended in February

Hours later, the Aloha Zoo adopted Pork Chop, and he settled in quite nicely enjoying his new favorite treat,  peanut butter sandwiches. They even gave kept his own personal jar of Jiffy peanut butter by his stall for his tasting pleasure.

Even though a new habitat was built at the zoo called The Hogiday Inn, Diane Ingold, from the zoo, said “Pork Chop prefers to burrow in the haystacks and roll in the mud”.

Ingold said not only is Pork Chop the main attraction on the safari ride now, he is currently roaming and running with other potbelly pigs and kunekune pigs in a huge pasture.

Ingold said, “Passengers on the safari ride squeal with delight when he trots alongside the ride with the Bad Boys song playing.”

You can meet Pork Chop and all the other rescued animals at the Aloha Zoo located at 159 Mini Lane in Cameron on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am – 5 pm.


Courtesy photos from Moore County Sheriff’s Office.











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