Robbins will be receiving $1,600,000 from the North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCR&R). This money comes from a zero percent state revolving loan that may be used to cover reimbursable expenses from federal disaster response, recovery, and resilience programs. This is in addition to the $500,000 stimulus grant that was announced Wednesday.

The North Carolina Local Government Commission evaluated the Robbins’ financial position and its level of need after Florence and sent notice to Robbins on Friday afternoon of its decision. Robbins has worked hard to improve its financial and town officials believe these efforts are paying off.

“Robbins is squeezing every last drop of juice from the bag of lemons we have been given. Despite our setbacks we have become more transparent and efficient. We are excited by this show of confidence,” said Town Manager Lambert.

Mayor Lonnie English said, “We are grateful for the State of North Carolina, our local legislative delegation, and our Robbins leadership for providing this much needed support to our community. Robbins has been in a difficult economic position for some time, but this grant will put us back on track to bringing life back to our community.”

The Triangle J Council of Governments provided Robbins with the technical assistance and operational capacity necessary to apply for the these grant programs. Triangle J will also be coordinating volunteers from the International Economic Development Council to assist Robbins in recovery efforts in March.

“We are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Robbins has been fighting for survival for a long time—and even more so after Hurricane Florence. To receive this grant gives me and everyone else hope that we will see our community thrive again. Change is possible and change is coming,” said Town Manager Lambert.





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