The Southern Pines Police Department is reminding citizens as the temperature is rising for the spring and summer months to please not to leave children and pets alone in hot cars.

The department announced on social media Monday morning that they received a message of thanks from a concerned citizen regarding a dog recently left in a hot car.

“I just want to thank the officers that came out to Kohl’s yesterday to check on the German Sheppard that was left in a hot car while his owners were shopping. I was a little torn on if I should call but it was hot out yesterday and the dog was back and forth from one window to the other and whining. Thanks again to all that took the time to make sure the dog was safe.”


The police department went on to state that “on average, 38 children and over 100 pets die in hot cars each year and these deaths are 100% preventable.”

Southern Pines Police Department is asking the public to call them at 910-692-7031 if you see a child or pet left alone in a hot car.

Remember, beat the heat, check the back seat!



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