Village Wine Shop comes to Aberdeen

Mary Schlaff is on her own – and loving it!

The owner of the Village Wine Shop Aberdeen, Mary became sole owner of the store’s Pinehurst location in May. While Mary never dreamed of owning a wine store as a youngster, she did have aspirations involving something similar.

“I always wanted to open a coffee shop,” Mary, who graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in finance, said. “We’ve been open, in Aberdeen, about two weeks now.”

The Pinehurst shop opened in March 2021.

“I just took over total ownership today,” Mary said. “I like wearing different hats. I like creating relationships.”

She isn’t at all worried about having more to do than can be handled.

“I like to have a full plate,” Mary said. “It’s been fun.”

Originally from near Detroit, Mary thinks Moore County has the right mix for a small business to thrive. She was quick to note the strong sense of community.

“That’s one of my favorite things,” she said. “There’s a lot of caring about others. I think it’s really unique to the area. You have a lot of small businesses trying to lift each other up.” 

The popularity of the business in Pinehurst, coupled with conclusions about Aberdeen, prompted Mary to add a second establishment.

“I recently bought a home in Aberdeen,” Mary said. “It seemed like a good fit. Hopefully, we’re just an addition to the improvements already made.”

Though the shop’s name suggests it’s a place to purchase wines, Mary envisions something more.

“It’s a gathering place,” she said. “We have a couple bottles, but it’s a place where people can meet.”

There’s hope the shop can be a backdrop for lasting memories.

“Life’s little moments make a difference,” Mary said. “We want to create those special moments.”

The Village Wine Shop Aberdeen has seating for about 30 customers to facilitate interaction. There’s also three tables in front of the store. Additional space is coming soon.

“In the next months, we’ll be opening a back patio,” Mary said.

The expansion will accommodate 25 people.

Along with creating a comfortable place to get together, Mary is committed to upgrading things beyond the shop.

“We lean heavily into the organic space,” she said. “We try to be on the healthier side.” 

You’ll find the Village Wine Shop Aberdeen at 108 N. Poplar St.

Wine is obviously a main draw, but beer and coffee are also on the menu. Patrons can enjoy live music while talking and mingling.

Feature photo: Patrons visit the Village Wine Shop Aberdeen—contributed photo.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.

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