UPDATE: Michael Alvarez was captured Wednesday around 11:00 p.m. at a convenience store five miles away from the facility he escaped.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety announced Wednesday evening they are “seeking an absconder who left a facility where he was being held for post release supervision violations.”

Michael Alvarez escaped at 2 p.m. by scaling a fence at a Robeson County facility known as Confinement in Response to Violations.

Alvarez was serving a prison sentence on drug charges and released in December. 

“A number of law enforcement and Adult Correction officers are looking for Alvarez to include probation/parole officers, DPS Special Operations and Intelligence Unit, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s,” said N.C. Department of Public Safety. 

Alvarez was last seen in Lumberton on N.C. Highway 72 in a white Ford Taurus.

Officials are advising the public to call 911 or the Robeson CRV at 910-658-5535.


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