The Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter was recently inspected by the North Carolina Animal Welfare Section of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  The shelter received an A+ grade after the state showed up unannounced, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

The No-Notice Inspection included: Inspection of Records, Indoor Facilities, Outdoor Facilities, Primary Enclosures, Feeding Watering, Sanitation, Employees, Classification and Separation, Veterinary Care, Vehicles, Primary Enclosures Used in Transporting Dogs and Cats, Food and Water Requirements, Care in Transit, Minimum Holding Period, Injections and Professional Manuals.

The State Inspection comes approximately one year after the Moore County Sheriff’s Office assumed the responsibility of Animal Services. Since that time Sheriff Godfrey has staffed Animal Services with four sworn deputies enforcing our animal ordinances and laws, reorganized staffing positions to hire a Veterinary Technician, completely renovated the Animal Shelter intended on providing our employees and visitors with a safe, clean and professional facility.

Improvements include: new surgical suite, new Intake area, new meeting room, new floors, new kennels, operating on 100% food donations keeping furry visitors healthy while saving tax payers $4000 a year, renewed partnerships with several animal rescue groups providing the animals with every possible opportunity of find safe and loving homes. The Sheriff’s Office purchased a new adoption trailer enabling them to make more animals available to the public during adoption events and if needed, rescue operations during natural disasters.

Inspector Blomquist’s General Comments were “I performed a random inspection. The facility was clean and the animals housed appeared healthy and well cared for. I found no inadequacies on inspection. The records are in compliance. Inspection Result: Approved.”

As a result of this positive change, the support received from the community with donations and adoptions is humbling and appreciated stated the Moore County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have come a long way in just one short year,” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey. “I had invited our State inspectors when we assumed responsibility for Animal Services in February of 2017. Based on that inspection, not only did we implement the State’s recommendations but we ensured we addressed all the needs of the facility. The Shelter, as we see it, is a temporary housing facility prior to our furry friends finding their forever homes. Meeting all State guidelines is extremely important, but so is exceeding the expectations of our Moore County customers. The Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter is something we can all be proud of and I commend my staff on their hard work and professionalism.”



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