Board approves new bid for Aberdeen Elementary K-5 students return to 5 days

The district’s recommendation on an offer for the old Aberdeen Elementary School was approved by the Moore County Board of Education. 

The offer – from Pathfinder Investment Management, LLC – got a green light at the school board’s regular business meeting on Monday, December 14, held at McDeeds Creek Elementary.

Under the terms of the bid, Pathfinder would pay $800,000 to acquire the property in as-is condition. There would be no inspection period.

At the school board’s December 7 work session, John Birath, the executive officer for operations for the district, advised that Pathfinder had terminated an earlier agreement to buy the property for $1.5 million. The withdrawal was based on the discovery of feasibility challenges, which came to light during site investigation and preliminary reviews.

A revised recommendation from the district on transition to the reopening plan, Plan A, for grades K-5, was approved Monday. According to the revision, relevant students would attend school five days per week. The board approved a transition to Plan A – where students would be in school four days each week – on October 12. With that version, remote, asynchronous learning would have taken place every Wednesday.

The transition to Plan A will start January 5, 2021, the beginning of the second semester.

Classes for students in K-5 will be at full capacity. There will be minimal social distancing in classrooms, during lunch, and on school buses.

To reduce risk during the COVID-19 crisis, the school district will continue to collaborate with local health officials and there will be daily health screenings for all face-to-face students and staff. Social distancing is going to be promoted to the best extent feasible.

The school board also voted, 7-0, to have district representatives enter negotiations with Moore Montessori Community School for the purchase of Southern Pines Elementary. Moore Montessori is presently located on W. Pennsylvania Avenue in Southern Pines.

Feature photo: Moore County Board of Education members at their Dec. 7 meeting. Photo credit/Moore County Schools.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.

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