Board recommends virtual math teachers

The Moore County School Board recommended virtual math teachers at its Sept. 5 work session. The estimated cost for two full-time math teachers and two assistants is $241,000.

Superintendent Tim Locklair said this was not something he would have brought to the board five years ago but resulted from the teacher shortage.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Dr. Pam Patterson said Crain’s Creek Middle School needs two math teachers and two assistants for the 2023-2024 school year.

“This is the student in the classroom,” Chair Robert Levy said about the teachers being on the screen and students being at school. “It’s not the favorite way,” Levy said about innovative virtual teaching.

This is a pilot project to collect data on effectiveness.

Fullmind Virtual Staffing instructs live, follows school standards, meets with parents and participates in professional development.

The board will vote on the online math teachers at the Sept. 11 meeting.

Vice-chair Shannon Davis led a discussion about the online student uniform survey created by the Uniform Committee.

The survey will be open from Sept. 12 through Nov. 3. The survey includes a section for writing questions and suggestions for uniforms.

The board is conducting a school uniform survey to gather feedback.

The current dress code is explained on page 24 of the Student Handbook. 

The purpose of school uniforms is to reduce monitoring and distractions, increase modesty, instill self-respect and evoke respect.

The survey results will be released at the Dec. 4 work session.

To find out about other topics discussed, please click here to watch the school board video.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel journalist Stephanie M. Sellers; BS Mass Communications and Journalism, MFA Creative Writing.

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