County buys new election equipment

Moore County Commissioners agreed to purchase new election equipment at the Aug. 15 meeting.

Moore County Elections Director Towanna Dixon reviewed the $309,610 purchase of new election equipment from Election System & Software, LLC.

The contractor will provide all necessary supervision, labor, materials, and equipment required to install and train Moore County Election workers on how to utilize the new DS200 Poll Place Scanner and Tabulator and Express Vote Universal Voting System.

The commissioners requested integrity tests with a mock election, which is a requirement from the county elections board.

In other meeting matters, before Public Works Director Randy Gould presented on the Cross Connection Control Ordinance, he mentioned the recent water shortage.

The county issued water conservation for Pinehurst and Seven Lakes on Aug. 14 and 15.

Moore County purchases its water from Harnett County.

Gould said the current ordinance requires a change of back siphonage devices, which is a device to prevent loss of water pressure. The devices would protect the water system, not just individual homeowners.

Gould said he wants an ordinance to mandate following the manufacturer’s recommendation for yearly testing of the residential devices. This requires walking across private property. Learn more from the meeting video, beginning at the 57-minute mark.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel journalist Stephanie M. Sellers; BS Mass Communications and Journalism MFA Creative Writing.

~Photo by Sandhills Sentinel photographer Melissa Schaub. 

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