County expands public access defibrillators

Moore County Public Safety will soon coordinate the additional placement of public access defibrillators in Moore County governmental buildings.

“There are approximately 400 AEDs throughout the public schools, public recreation areas, businesses, churches, and first responders,” said Moore County Public Safety in a press release.

The Town of Southern Pines and the Village of Pinehurst are Heart-Safe communities due to the accessibility of public access defibrillators in the downtown area.

This initiative began in 2007 with Heart-Safe Moore County to ensure AEDs were in the school’s system and readily available to save lives through early defibrillation.

Moore County EMS is participating in a seven-year sudden cardiac arrest study with 31 other interventional EMS agencies to evaluate and make future recommendations to improve survivability from a cardiac arrest event.

Take time to learn hands-only CPR at the following link:

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