Pinecrest High School Shining Star: Keegan Cole Bryan

Among the halls of Pinecrest High School is a student who is dedicated not only to his academics but also to contributing to our community.

In his junior year of high school, Keegan Cole Bryan has overcome the challenges of multitasking by achieving success and making a positive impact in Moore County.

Despite his busy schedule, he remains dedicated to both academics and athletics. Keegan is an active member of the Southern Pines Baptist Church youth group. He also spends his free time giving back by tutoring at Southern Pines Elementary School.

“I try to get everything done in the time I have,” said Keegan about his time management skills. “We have 90 minutes in each class, which is more than enough time.” Keegan also managed to obtain a 4.0 GPA.

Keegan emphasizes the importance of communication and how it is key to helping his tutoring students grow.

“Communicating with the student’s teacher is key,” said Keegan.

Through this, Keegan aims to maximize every opportunity because the impact on these students’ lives is worth it.

“I felt a significant impact when I was helping a kid with his work that he didn’t understand, and later in the week, the teacher came up and thanked me because the student was now understanding,” shares Keegan.

He expressed his respect for educators and the importance of student development.

“Seeing teachers prepare work while also making sure the student understands is hard work,” Keegan said.

In addition, Keegan explains that being part of a youth group and helping the community have influenced his personal growth.

“I am much closer to God now, so when I go to college, I will have my morals straight and will not fall into temptations,” Keegan added. He also shares that he is strongly impacted by the motivation he can give the young students he tutors and the inspiration they give him.

Keegan aspires to major in forensics in college alongside playing football, as “football has made me a better leader.”

A word of advice Keegan shares is a quote by his grandmother: “Keep your eyes on the star.” That is precisely what Keegan plans to do.

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Feature photo: Keegan Cole Bryan/Contributed photo.

~Article by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Emily Purvis.

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