Commissioners recognize emergency responders

During the May 21 Moore County Board of Commissioners agenda meeting, Public Safety Director Bryan Phillips presented emergency responders with the CPR Save Award.

The CPR Save award standard set for Moore County by former Medical Director Ronald J. Milewski, MD, and continued by Robert Bahner, MD, EMS, is much higher than the regular standard of merely surviving hospital admittance. The CPR standard for Moore County cardiac arrest patients who receive CPR requires them to survive the hospital stay to resume a normal, productive life.

Commissioners recognized fire, rescue, and law enforcement departments, along with the following emergency responders:

*Pinehurst: Nicholas Bullard, Liam McCarthy, William Oxendine, Casey Allen, Melody Beech-two saves, Joshua Smith, and Tamara Stevenson

*Southern Pines: Breana Hoffman, Robbie King, Emily Gunter, and Rebecca Christopher- two saves

*Seven Lakes: Greg Greenlee, Steve Manns, Jeffrey Hilton, Joshua Burrows, Lindsey Hubbard, Dennis Schrenker, and Rebecca Hilton-two saves

*Robbins: David McInnis, Tyler Thompson, Tara Johnson, and David Schwartz

*Carthage: Mauri Aquino and Andrea Pena-two saves

*Aberdeen: Jeffrey Hilton-two saves, Garrett Langley, Steve Manns, and Bethany Strickland-two saves

*Cypress Pointe: Richard O’Neal, John Nassef, Johnny Fulp, and Liam McCarthy

*Crains Creek: Eric Sager, Emily Jorgensen, Danny Clewis, Sr., and Brittany Taylor-four saves

In addition, 911 dispatchers provided clear directions. They were listed as C. Norton, B. Taylor, J. Frye, J. Rouse, R. Butler, H. Willett, J. Chriscoe, A. Cameron, R. Mayer, Jessican Nelson, and Morgan Shephard.

Phillips presented the Merit Award for medical, education, rescue, initiative, and teamwork to John Frye’s father. Frye had 12 CPR saves during his career and died in September 2023. 

Feature photo: Public Safety Director Bryan Phillips presents the Merit Award for medical, education, rescue, initiative, and teamwork to John Frye’s father at the May 21, 2024, Moore County commissioners’ meeting as CPR Save award recipients respond/screenshot.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel journalist Stephanie M. Sellers. Stephanie is also an English instructor at Central Carolina Community College. She is the author of young adult fiction, including When the Yellow Slugs Sing and Sky’s River Stone, and a suspense, GUTTERSNIPE: Shakespearean English Stage Play with Translation.

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