County passes budget

In a special meeting held on Thursday, the Moore County Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted the budget ordinance for Moore County.

The 2024-25 fiscal year’s budget is balanced at a gross budget of $229,681,049 and a net budget of $217,388,583.

The adopted budget:

•Reduces the property tax rate by 2 cents from 33 cents to 31 cents per $100 of assessed value and maintains the current ALS and fire protection rates at .0375 and .0875 per $100, respectively 

•Provides a COLA to employees (2% in July and 2% in January)

•Fully funds fire and rescue requests and establishes a fire capital reserve fund

•Fully funds sheriff and public safety requests and adds staff and enhances coverage

•Provides $39,054,595 to Moore County Schools for a total of $54,422,610 including debt

•Provides $5,287,879 to Sandhills Community College for a total of $7,934,362 including debt

Click HERE for the meeting video.

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