Dunrovin store searching for missing bird

Dunrovin Country Store is searching for its lost umbrella cockatoo after they say someone tried to steal the bird.

“Someone came during the night and cut a rectangular hole in his enclosure to take him, but he escaped instead,” the business wrote about Oliver on its Facebook page on Saturday. “He has been seen several times and then gets scared away. Please help us find him and return him back to safety, here at the rescue. He will not survive long on his own between predators and lack of food.”

The store, outside of Vass, is known for its inventory of unique gifts and a wide selection of foods, but recently birds have become a new attraction. A few years they decided to add a Tropical Bird Park. The birds are all rescues, and they are not rehomed. 

An eyeless parrot was stolen as well, according to the business.

“We also had our special needs Senegal parrot stolen, who was born without eyes, taken from his enclosure in the reptile house,” said Dunrovin. “This enclosure was the only enclosures he’s ever known his whole life and had the layout completely memorized. He needed great care and it is unlikely that whoever removed him was able or experienced enough to provide this.”

Previously, another bird was stolen, said the store.

“Before that incident our Harlequin Macaw, Harley, had his enclosure broken into,” said the store. :The perpetrators were not able to get a hold of him as he is not friendly to people he does not know and trust fortunately.

Please contact the store if you see the birds or know anything that could help. 

Contact them at (910) 638-4078 or email [email protected].

Dunrovin Country Store is located at 5456 US-1.

Photo via Facebook.

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